At Bradley Angle, your safety is our priority.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and are in need of urgent help, please call the Call to Safety at (503) 235-5333. If you are in life threatening danger please call 911.

We encourage you to learn about safe web browsing as your abuser may monitor your browsing history. To leave this site in a hurry click the Leave this site button located in the lower right corner of your screen.

Bradley Angle serves anyone affected by domestic violence. We value the dignity and personal story of everyone who comes to us for support, and respect that survivors should have control over their own lives.

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July 17 – August 16, 2020

Help Bradley Angle support survivors of domestic violence by raising $50,000 by August 16th! 

This year Bradley Angle celebrates its 45-year anniversary! While we originally planned to celebrate this monumental occasion with our closest friends and supporters in downtown Portland, COVID-19 had other plans. So Bradley Angle has jumped on the virtual fundraising bandwagon to host a month long anniversary celebration with raffles, auctions, and donor gift bags!


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