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March Madness, Bradley Angle Style

What a month it has been! Advocates meet at Bradley Angle to discuss Defending Childhood Initiative with Bea Hanson of the Office of Violence Against Women

We have had some great programmatic successes here at Bradley Angle. The talented staff in our Economic Empowerment Program have been offering tax advice to ensure survivors take full advantage of tax credits for which they are eligible. Community Advisory Committees for our Healing Roots and LGBTQ programs met to discuss community needs and program planning. And, we graduated a new group of 18 participants in our 40-week trauma recovery support group, which included side-by-side group for 11 of their children.

Earlier this month, we participated in a listening session with representatives from the U.S. Office of Violence...  Read More »

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Isaac’s Story

There are some children who can narrate their entire history of domestic violence through their actions.

When 4-year old Isaac came to shelter, his verbal skills were delayed, common for many young children who have witnessed domestic violence. He hit, slapped, spit, and pulled hair of all other female participants- both child and adult- as easily as waving “hi”. Isaac would frequently throw his food on the floor and yell at me to pick it up for him. None of his aggressive behaviors were done with malicious intent; rather he believed that this was normal...  Read More »


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We are grateful for the support of the community in helping us provide for the basic needs of domestic violence survivors and their children, and to ensure their safety. You can find out about our current Wishlist and our donation policies here.

Our Current Top 5 Most Needed Items include:
1. Spoons and forks
2. Cups (tumblers and coffee)
3. Maxi pads
4. Bowls
5. Hats and gloves (adults and kids)

Please note: At this time we are not taking clothing or hotel-sized toiletries.
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