We’re Here If You Need Us

This post was written by our Community Based Services Manager, Kiera Hansen.

To our beloved community,

In the wake of the tragic event in Orlando this weekend, all of us at Bradley Angle want you to know that we understand deeply the pain, loss, and trauma such a violent expression of hate can trigger. These events can be especially triggering for those of us whose personal histories include surviving violence.

We recognize that LGBTQ communities, especially LGBTQ Communities of Color, experience violence on a daily basis and large-scale acts of hate, such as the one this weekend, remind us that there is much work to be done.

We acknowledge the disproportionate impact this act will continue to have on queer Muslim and Latinx communities. We would like you to know we are committed to ending both systemic and interpersonal violence that all LGBTQ individuals experience. Additionally, we would like to offer our support to those who would like it.

If you would like support, please contact me, Kiera Hansen, to speak with myself or Meg Panichelli, our Interim LGBTQ Program Coordinator.  Both of us are LGBTQ-identified and at least one of us is available Monday- Friday, 9am-4pm. My phone number is 503-595-9591 ext. 323 and my email address is KieraH@bradleyangle.org.

Let’s support one another during Pride. Come mingle with our staff at the Trans Family Picnic on Friday, the Portland Trans Pride March on Saturday or stop by our Pride booth at the Waterfront (Booth L5). The staff representing Bradley Angle at these events are Queer and/or Trans-identified and are trained domestic and sexual violence advocates.

With big queer love in our hearts,

Kiera Hansen
Community Based Services Manager