October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This post was written by Deborah Steinkopf, our Executive Director.

Today marks the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I invite you to take a stand for survivors and their families. Take a stand this October by showing up at one of the many events Bradley Angle and our community partners have planned to learn more about domestic violence in our community, honor survivors, gather with others who want to make a difference, and celebrate the important work of organizations like Bradley Angle. There’s something for everyone.

You can join us for some edgy fun at Super!Drag at Darcelle XV Showcase on October 9 for the annual happy hour drag show to benefit Bradley Angle. For the more literary among you, come help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary at the Wild Lunch with Cheryl Strayed on October 29. To hear more about the experiences of survivors in our community, join Bradley Angle and community partners for the City Club’s Friday Forum on October 30.

The United States commemorated its first Domestic Violence Awareness Month in 1987, 12 years after Bradley Angle opened the West Coast’s first domestic violence shelter. In the 40 years since opening our doors, we know the need for our emergency and supportive services is more critical than ever. Our community has a shortage of housing, affordable childcare, living-wage jobs, almost every resource survivors need to get and stay safe. We need to do better.

And on this first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are proud to announce that we are taking two steps toward more liveable wages in Oregon. We have taken two steps:

  1. We have officially endorsed the Raise the Wage movement in Oregon AND
  2. We have raised our own minimum wage to $15 an hour

We wouldn’t have been able to raise our wage without support from people like you. Please allow us to thank you by joining us for an event this October.