Red Dress PDX was a Success!

Q: When and how did you get involved with Red Dress PDX?

A: It was about 13 years ago. My neighbors were founding members of the party and they asked if I wanted to help out. They needed extra volunteers, I had the time, and the rest is pretty much history!


Q: What do you want people to know about the history of Red Dress? 

A: It is an all-volunteer organization that puts the party on. There are no paid professionals in our group of 7. We all have fulltime jobs and then we have responsibilities for so this party, so it really is a labor of love for the community.


Q: Why should people be involved with Red Dress PDX?

A: Why not? … It is a great opportunity for people to gain skills and a great place to meet people especially if you’re new to the Portland area or apart the beneficiary organizations. It is more than a nonprofit but a community building experience when you volunteer with Red Dress.  Email  to get involved!


Q: What should people look forward to for Red Dress PDX 2017?

A: Expect more! We hope to have more of a financial impact, more people, and make an even bigger economic buzz. When we plan the party, we (the board) think in terms of a theme and how creative our guests can get. We also think about how the party will help local thrift stores and businesses. This means a lot to us. And then of course, look forward to a fun time to be had by all. Don’t miss the next Red Dress PDX on May 20th, 2017.