Raise the Wage Update

Bradley Angle stands with Raise the Wage Oregon. As of July 1, 2015 we were proud to announce that we raised our minimum wage to $15 an hour. This decision made us one of the first direct service organizations in the Portland area to do so. “It has always been our intention to support our own employees by providing them with a more livable wage. We’re
grateful to now be in a position to do so,” says JoAnn Kohl, Bradley Angle’s board chair.

Going forward we have been involved in supporting our state legislature to raise the wage through a legislative process. On February 1, 2016, Bradley Angle staff, Board Member Kate Ertmann, and small business owner Crystal Beasley took a trip to the State Capitol for a lobby day. There we talked to legislators about the need for raising the wage. Topics that came up included how raising the wage will help working families and small business owners get by, as every dollar of their raise will go directly back into Oregon’s local economy. We also discussed that we need to create an economy that works for working women and their families. Nearly two-thirds of minimum wage workers in our state are women, many with children, struggling to make ends meet. An economy that works for working women means equal pay for equal work and a higher minimum wage.

Bradley Angle knows that the number one reason that people stay in abusive relationships is because they can’t afford to leave. Raising the wage will directly benefit the survivors we serve to obtain good paying jobs and safe housing.