Bradley Angle Receives Grant from Allstate Foundation for Economic Empowerment

Bradley Angle is pleased to announce that we have been selected to receive a $20,000 regional grant from the Allstate Foundation to support the Economic Empowerment program for survivors of domestic violence. Economic abuse affects most, if not all, survivors and our program provides resources, education, and guidance to rebuild their financial security.

The Allstate Foundation has been a long-time friend to Bradley Angle since we began the Economic Empowerment Program. We appreciate the friendship and support of the Allstate Foundation!

Our Participants Need You this Holiday Season!

Bradley Angle is seeking volunteers to serve on the planning committee for its 2nd Annual Holiday Store!

Last year’s store welcomed more than 100 survivors of domestic violence and was a huge success by all measures! We are excited to invite you to make this year even more amazing!

If you would like to bring smiles and warmth to your community this holiday season, look no further and apply to join the Holiday Wish Drive Committee today!

On behalf of all of us at Bradley Angle, thank you for your interest.

Cascade AIDS Project and Bradley Angle Receive $713,134 to Help HIV-Positive Domestic Violence Survivors

View the full media release here: New Project to House Domestic Violence Survivors Living with HIV

Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) and Bradley Angle are pleased to announce the receipt of grant funding in the amount of $713,134.  The grant will support the “Katie Project”, a program designed to help HIV-positive domestic violence survivors in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area connect with the housing and supportive services they need to live healthy and safe lives. The funds will be managed by the Portland Housing Bureau while CAP and Bradley Angle will administer the project’s day-to-day programming.

The Katie Project is named after an HIV-positive woman who came to Cascade AIDS Project seeking help finding housing for her and her son. (Her name and identifying information have been changed to protect her identity.) They were escaping Katie’s abusive husband and needed assistance with everything from tapping into financial resources to maintaining medical care to finding housing that would allow her son to continue attending the same school and would let them keep their dog—an important part of the family’s stability.

The way Katie handled these challenges is inspiring.  Five years later, she’s emotionally and physically healthy. She’s financially stable, and her son is thriving in high school. Katie is one of many individuals who benefit from a thoughtful, effective collaboration between housing, AIDS services, and domestic violence organizations.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with Bradley Angle and the City of Portland to offer these vital services,” said CAP Executive Director, Tyler TerMeer. “HIV-positive individuals experience domestic violence at higher rates than the general population. Collaborating with the City and Bradley Angle allows us to work with this population to get them into safe and stable housing situations.” Studies show that once in safe housing, people with HIV are better able to access comprehensive health care and supportive services, get on HIV treatment, and take their HIV medication consistently which results in better health outcomes for the individual and the community.

“The Katie Project is the kind of nonprofit effort that truly transforms lives for the long term,” stated Bradley Angle Executive Director, Jackie Yerby. “This intervention will respond to the complex challenges participants experience when surviving domestic violence and living with HIV.  Every survivor’s story is unique. So are their needs. And so too must be the support we offer.”

Grant funding was made available by the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program. The HOPWA Program is the only Federal program dedicated to the housing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. Under the HOPWA Program, HUD makes grants to local communities, States, and nonprofit organizations for projects that benefit low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Kenneth James, personal chef to Damian Lillard, makes Fourth of July special at shelter

FullSizeRender (7)Kenneth James may be a personal chef to Damian Lillard, but he’s a role model to us at Bradley Angle. When Kenneth isn’t preparing top notch meals for NBA stars he is donating his time at Bonnie Tinker House, our emergency shelter for domestic violence survivors.

He teaches beginner cooking classes for the kids at shelter and occasionally prepares the house a delicious meal. What a way to get their minds off of everything else!

Most recently, Chef James prepared an amazing meal for the Fourth of July. This has kick-started our newest program to get involved at our shelter: The Adopt-A-Holiday Program. Each holiday now has the opportunity to be adopted by a family, company or community member.

Do you want to make a difference for families at shelter? Adopt-A-Holiday today!

Chef James volunteerism is not just special for the families at our shelter, it’s also special for him. “Bradley Angle provided me an opportunity to give back through my passion for cooking. I can remember being at home as a child and wondering what my mother would come home and make for dinner, and often times if she was going to make anything at all. As I got older my mother trusted me with preparing the meals while she was away. So it’s my pleasure teach the kids some basic recipes that they can carry into the future. Being able to feed my siblings and myself literally saved my life.”

Bradley Angle is happy to have Chef James as a part of our team. Thank you for your commitment to Bradley Angle!

Red Dress PDX was a Success!

Q: When and how did you get involved with Red Dress PDX?

A: It was about 13 years ago. My neighbors were founding members of the party and they asked if I wanted to help out. They needed extra volunteers, I had the time, and the rest is pretty much history!


Q: What do you want people to know about the history of Red Dress? 

A: It is an all-volunteer organization that puts the party on. There are no paid professionals in our group of 7. We all have fulltime jobs and then we have responsibilities for so this party, so it really is a labor of love for the community.


Q: Why should people be involved with Red Dress PDX?

A: Why not? … It is a great opportunity for people to gain skills and a great place to meet people especially if you’re new to the Portland area or apart the beneficiary organizations. It is more than a nonprofit but a community building experience when you volunteer with Red Dress.  Email  to get involved!


Q: What should people look forward to for Red Dress PDX 2017?

A: Expect more! We hope to have more of a financial impact, more people, and make an even bigger economic buzz. When we plan the party, we (the board) think in terms of a theme and how creative our guests can get. We also think about how the party will help local thrift stores and businesses. This means a lot to us. And then of course, look forward to a fun time to be had by all. Don’t miss the next Red Dress PDX on May 20th, 2017.

Bradley Angle welcomes Shea Morrison and Karlee Wallender to its Board of Directors

Bradley Angle welcomes Ms. Shea Morrison of Wells Fargo and Ms. Karlee Wallender of US Bank to its Board of Directors. While they both come from the banking world, they will join a diverse board from a variety of sectors in Portland.

Shea Morrison is currently a District Manager for Wells Fargo. She believes a safe environment vital to growth and development—for adults and children alike! She’s looking forward to fostering these safe environments through her Board service at Bradley Angle and we are thrilled to have her on our team. In addition to her banking expertise and connections, Shea is also a wonderful communicator, incredibly empathetic, and an outside-the-box thinker. She says that harmony is her number one strength; she is talented at keeping things fair and consistent.

Karlee Wallender works as a Risk Manager at US Bank. She believes with care, patience, education and support, Bradley Angle can assist survivors in the transition to a new life without violence. Karlee brings a great amount of passion and dedication for safe families and has served on Bradley Angle’s Finance Committee for nearly two years. One of the reasons Karlee volunteers with Bradley Angle is to be part of something bigger than herself.

Voices of Domestic Violence Survivors

Bradley Angle is proud to announce that we have partnered with Cat Del Buono and Blue Sky Gallery to bring “Voices” to our city.

Cat has spent the last two years interviewing domestic violence survivors at shelters in different cities and creating this project called “Voices.”  The project is an installation of 20 small monitors playing videos of survivors telling their stories, but only their mouths are captured by the frame. When viewers walk into the exhibit, the multiple voices create a symphony of unrecognizable words. Only when you approach an individual monitor do you hear their personal and traumatic stories and thankfully, how they have gotten out of their situations.

The necessity of this movement on the part of viewers functions as a call to action: as a society, we must not allow the epidemic of domestic violence and those who are affected by it to remain invisible; an inaudible crowd of statistics.

It all starts on July 7th for the opening night and the panel discussion will take place on July 9th, 3pm at Blue Sky Gallery. This exhibit will be showing until the end of the month.

Join us these days as we raise awareness of domestic violence and work to create a community free of domestic violence.

Upcoming exhibit:

Blue Sky Gallery
122 NW 8th Ave, Portland, OR
July 6 – July 31, 2016
Opening Reception: July 7, 6-9pm
Panel Discussion: July 9, 3pm


More information here.

24 New Homes and Counting!

Thanks to a large injection for short-term funds from A Home for Everyone, a joint initiative of the City of Portland and Multnomah County, Bradley Angle has been able to help 24 survivors of domestic violence move into new, safe, and affordable housing in the last six weeks.

Talia was one of the survivors we served through this program. She had moved into our shelter almost four months ago.  (The average length of stay in our shelter is now about 90 days, 40% higher than it was 18 months ago, due to the Portland Housing Crisis.)

Talia had a hard time getting housing for a few reasons. As a single mom her budget is limited. She needed a two-bedroom apartment for less than $1,000/month in rent.

Also, when she told her abuser that their relationship was over, he got increasingly violent and manipulative. He emptied their bank accounts in hopes that she would become dependent on him and change her mind about breaking up. One night, after she moved her things into their son’s room, he smashed in their son’s door to scare and intimidate her. These abusive acts meant that Talia didn’t have money to pay their bills when they came due, which quickly led to her and her son’s eviction from the damaged property.

So, in addition to a limited budget, Talia had an eviction and rental debt on her record.

Because our staff have relationships with private landlords, Talia was able to help the person who is now her landlord to understand her eviction was a consequence of the abuse she endured and not indicative of the kind of tenant she would be. Bradley Angle also made a grant to Talia to pay her rental debt, so her credit score will start to improve.

Now that Talia’s settling into her new apartment, she’s looking forward to enrolling in our Economic Empowerment Program to learn more about her money and career options.

Bradley Angle Welcome Ms. Yvonne Inserra to its Board of Directors

Bradley Angle welcomes Ms. Yvonne Inserra to its Board of Directors. She joins a dedicated board comprised of community leaders from a variety of sectors in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Inserra is looking forward to joining her fellow Board members in advancing the work of Bradley Angle to serve survivors and break the cycles of domestic violence in the Portland community.

Ms. Inserra brings a wealth of experience from the commercial title and escrow industry. She is an executive sales person at First American Title Insurance Company National Commercial Services. From the simplest commercial transactions to the most complicated multi-property and multi-state transactions, First American provides personalized and individualized service regardless of size, complexity, or geographic diversity of the properties in a transaction. With more than 20 years’ experience in the title and escrow industry, Ms. Inserra is dedicated to help businesses meet their real estate needs.

Yvonne enjoys spending spare time with her husband and dogs. “I wish everyone received the greeting I do every time I come home! They are the most unconditionally loving creatures in the entire world.  It’s a true gift.  If I could figure out a way to bottle it and give it away for free, I would.”

Bradley Angle Welcomes Kiera Hansen, Community Based Services Manager

FullSizeRender (3)


1. What is your role at Bradley Angle and how did you get involved?

I am the new Community Based Services Manager. I am from Vancouver, WA and have been back in Portland for approximately 6 years. During this time, professional and community-based activist work has often brought me into contact with Bradley Angle’s services. It is truly an honor to be a part of such a historically-rich and culturally-relevant organization that is committed to social justice for all people.

2. What is your history working with survivors of domestic violence?

I am a survivor myself with personal stories that disrupt commonly-held domestic violence and sexual assault narratives. I believe this reality along with my commitment to social justice has really solidified a dedication to eradicating interpersonal and systemic violence for all people and to specifically make sure that domestic violence and sexual assault systems are meeting the needs of those disproportionately impacted by violence.

I’ve worked with survivors in interpersonal violence agencies (Portland Women’s Crisis Line, YWCA Yolanda House) as well as many other agencies that work with survivors including, but not limited to: a queer youth-specific program at Portland Parks and Recreation, Cascade AIDS Project (specifically their youth sexual health education program CHATpdx), Transitional Projects for Women’s Winter Warming Shelter, Human Solutions’ Family Winter Warming Shelter, the Multnomah County Syringe Exchange, Planned Parenthood and several out-of state sexual health non-profits and LGBTQ Community Centers.

3. Why do you believe the work at Bradley Angle is important?

I believe that everyone deserves a life free from interpersonal, systemic and institutional violence and I’m dedicated to using my privilege to work in solidarity with all communities experiencing oppression who invite me to be a part of their movements. While this work is difficult, Bradley Angle is dedicated to working to eradicate violence at all levels from making sure survivors have access to food, a safe place to live, securing housing, finding support/creating community to working within our communities to provide education around all of the -isms. Work on all of these levels is important if we truly want real and sustainable change for everyone impacted by domestic and sexual violence.

4. What are your top two favorite movies?

My favorite movies are Clueless and Magic Mike XXL. Don’t we all need a little escapism?