Meet Our New LGBTQ Intern


Our LGBTQ Program is pleased to introduce Lane Kaiser, our new BSW intern!

Lane attends Portland State University and works to secure resources and well-being for at-risk and high-risk youth as well as improving the quality of life for all marginalized communities.

Bradley Angle is happy to have Lane as a part of the team!

Below is a light-hearted Q&A with Lane!

Q: What is your role at Bradley Angle and how did you get involved?

Answer: I am the LGBTQ Program Intern at Bradley Angle. I am completing this internship as part of my field placement for my Bachelors in Social Work.

Question: What is your history working with the LGBTQ community?

Answer: I have been working with this specific community since 2008. I started as a youth and worked in various roles as a youth supporter at an LGBTQ youth safe space in Washington.

Question: Why do you believe this program is important for survivors of DV?

Answer: LGTQ survivors face unique barriers and experiences with domestic violence. Without this specific space to talk about unique set of challenges, the unique challenges aren’t likely to be addressed.

Question: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself! 

Answer: I’ve been to 10 different countries and I’m only 20 years old!