Bradley Angle Welcomes Kiera Hansen, Community Based Services Manager

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1. What is your role at Bradley Angle and how did you get involved?

I am the new Community Based Services Manager. I am from Vancouver, WA and have been back in Portland for approximately 6 years. During this time, professional and community-based activist work has often brought me into contact with Bradley Angle’s services. It is truly an honor to be a part of such a historically-rich and culturally-relevant organization that is committed to social justice for all people.

2. What is your history working with survivors of domestic violence?

I am a survivor myself with personal stories that disrupt commonly-held domestic violence and sexual assault narratives. I believe this reality along with my commitment to social justice has really solidified a dedication to eradicating interpersonal and systemic violence for all people and to specifically make sure that domestic violence and sexual assault systems are meeting the needs of those disproportionately impacted by violence.

I’ve worked with survivors in interpersonal violence agencies (Portland Women’s Crisis Line, YWCA Yolanda House) as well as many other agencies that work with survivors including, but not limited to: a queer youth-specific program at Portland Parks and Recreation, Cascade AIDS Project (specifically their youth sexual health education program CHATpdx), Transitional Projects for Women’s Winter Warming Shelter, Human Solutions’ Family Winter Warming Shelter, the Multnomah County Syringe Exchange, Planned Parenthood and several out-of state sexual health non-profits and LGBTQ Community Centers.

3. Why do you believe the work at Bradley Angle is important?

I believe that everyone deserves a life free from interpersonal, systemic and institutional violence and I’m dedicated to using my privilege to work in solidarity with all communities experiencing oppression who invite me to be a part of their movements. While this work is difficult, Bradley Angle is dedicated to working to eradicate violence at all levels from making sure survivors have access to food, a safe place to live, securing housing, finding support/creating community to working within our communities to provide education around all of the -isms. Work on all of these levels is important if we truly want real and sustainable change for everyone impacted by domestic and sexual violence.

4. What are your top two favorite movies?

My favorite movies are Clueless and Magic Mike XXL. Don’t we all need a little escapism?