Bradley Angle Expands Number of Shelter Beds for Domestic Violence Survivors

Bradley Angle will partner with REACH Community Development and The Joint Office of Homeless Services to open four properties for domestic violence survivors and their children who need safe, intermediary housing.

The four properties, owned by REACH, will offer a range of one, two, and three bedroom units to meet a variety of family sizes. The Joint Office of Homeless Services will provide $167,000 to support this project per year for the next year.

In Portland, 1 in 7 women will experience domestic violence this year. Fifty percent of homeless women in Portland identify domestic violence as the reason they became homeless in the first place. The addition of these properties will allow Bradley Angle to more rapidly respond to survivors and provide stability to families during their transition.

The project will be dedicated “The Tami Best Emergency Shelter Program” in memory of Tami Best, who died a victim of domestic violence at the age of 42.

“The Tami Best Emergency Shelter is a critical addition to the safety net for domestic violence survivors fleeing dangerous, life-threatening situations,” said Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman of the project. “The partnership between Bradley Angle, REACH and the Joint Office is another example of the all-hands-on-deck approach our community relies on to provide immediate, safe housing for survivors and their children,” he continued.

Tami was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and was the mother of former Bradley Angle employee, Angela Frazier. Like many people experiencing domestic violence, Tami didn’t share much about her abusive relationship with her family. At the time of her death, her family was concerned about her becoming increasingly isolated.

About naming the project after her mother, Angela said, “I’m glad to know that more survivors in Oregon will now have access to emergency shelter when they need it. My family and I are so touched that Bradley Angle chose to honor my mom by naming this project in her honor.”

The Tami Best Emergency Shelter properties are set to open later this month and will house up to 15 people escaping domestic violence for 60 to 90 day stays. Approximately 100 people will be supported by this project per year.

“I’m proud of the work on this project because it will provide immediate help and relief to domestic violence survivors by giving them a safe place to stay,” said Multnomah County Chair, Deborah Kafoury. “These housing units are critical to the survival of women and children who are facing dangerous situations. This partnership between local government, Bradley Angle and REACH CDC is a model that we should all follow when it comes to providing safety, security and peace of mind for those affected by domestic violence,” Chair Kafoury continued.

Make a donation to Bradley Angle to help Angela raise money in her mother’s honor.

How to Access the Tami Best Emergency Shelter Program

If you are experiencing domestic violence and in need of emergency shelter, please contact Call to Safety (formerly the Portland Women’s Crisis Line) at 503.235.5333 to learn about all shelter options available in our community, including the Tami Best program. Shelter assignments will be made through a coordinated process that takes into account the needs of all survivors who receive services at any domestic violence organization in Multnomah County.

How Readers Can Help

Bradley Angle is seeking benefactors to replenish supplies when families move in and out of shelter. This will allow families leaving the Tami Best program to take basic necessities like, sheets, towels, and other essentials with them when they find long-term housing. Learn more about the Adopt-A-Home Program here.