Bradley Angle’s Funding Compromised by Government Shutdown

Rebecca Nickels, Bradley Angle’s Interim Executive Director, talked with KOIN 6 News about how the current government shutdown is preventing the organization from receiving federal funds from HUD for transitional housing services. The costs can be covered in the short-term by pulling from other funding sources but those other sources will become more vulnerable as the shutdown continues.

She also acknowledged that while domestic violence agencies all around the state are affected, the shutdown is disproportionately affecting services in rural communities.

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Sarah Groshell, Bradley Angle’s Interim ED, Addresses Ford/Kavanaugh Hearings

Bradley Angle’s Interim Executive Director, Sarah Groshell, appeared on KGW Sunrise to talk about the impact of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings for survivors and for our cultural narrative around sexual assault. She reflected on how our society has and hasn’t progressed since Anita Hill’s hearings in 1991.

Sarah also offered advice on how you can support the survivors in your life and how survivors can take care of themselves.  The most important thing you can do to support survivors? Believe them.

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Bradley Angle and FINDpdx Featured on KGW 8 News

Bradley Angle’s Interim Executive Director, Sarah Groshell, joined Cassidy Quinn of Tonight With Cassidy on KGW 8 to promote FINDpdx! FINDpdx is a pop-up sale where everything is new and 50% off the lowest retail price found online.

Sarah highlighted some of Bradley Angle’s programs that will benefit from proceeds of the sale including Emergency Shelter and Economic Empowerment. Cassidy and Sarah also showcased some of the great items available at the upcoming FINDpdx sale and viewers at home had the opportunity to guess the prices.

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Bradley Angle’s Sold-Out GlamHer Raises over $220,000 for Survivors of Domestic Violence

PORTLAND, ORE – May 22, 2017 – GlamHer, Bradley Angle’s signature event, reached for the stars and celebrated galactic ideas at this year’s science fiction-inspired ball. Sold out two weeks in advance, the fundraiser hosted 460 guests at the posh Nines Hotel in downtown Portland.

Drag legend, Poison Waters, guided the electric crowd through an entertaining evening with performances and her entourage of Queens. Guests opened their hearts and wallets raising over $220,000 for survivors of domestic violence. The most spirited live auction item was a Drag Queen Makeover by Poison Waters and the rare chance to perform in Super!Drag at the Darcelle XV Showplace alongside legendary Queen Darcelle. READ MORE…Bradley Angle’s Sold-Out GlamHer Raises over $220,000 for Survivors of Domestic Violence


IKEA Portland Chooses Bradley Angle

IKEA Portland is celebrating ten years with a thank you campaign designed to give back. “We’ve just granted a $10,000 request to outfit children’s rooms in its new Tami Best Shelter Program”. The IKEA team also made over rooms at the Bradley Angle Resource Center. “We hope these new furnishings will provide comfort in a calming and safe environment where families can begin the healing process.” Bradley Angle is thankful for this donation and the opportunity to provide a beautiful and safe place for its participants. See Video

Bradley Angle Expands Number of Shelter Beds for Domestic Violence Survivors

Bradley Angle will partner with REACH Community Development and The Joint Office of Homeless Services to open four properties for domestic violence survivors and their children who need safe, intermediary housing.

The four properties, owned by REACH, will offer a range of one, two, and three bedroom units to meet a variety of family sizes. The Joint Office of Homeless Services will provide $167,000 to support this project per year for the next year.

In Portland, 1 in 7 women will experience domestic violence this year. Fifty percent of homeless women in Portland identify domestic violence as the reason they became homeless in the first place. The addition of these properties will allow Bradley Angle to more rapidly respond to survivors and provide stability to families during their transition.

The project will be dedicated “The Tami Best Emergency Shelter Program” in memory of Tami Best, who died a victim of domestic violence at the age of 42.

“The Tami Best Emergency Shelter is a critical addition to the safety net for domestic violence survivors fleeing dangerous, life-threatening situations,” said Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman of the project. “The partnership between Bradley Angle, REACH and the Joint Office is another example of the all-hands-on-deck approach our community relies on to provide immediate, safe housing for survivors and their children,” he continued.

Tami was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and was the mother of former Bradley Angle employee, Angela Frazier. Like many people experiencing domestic violence, Tami didn’t share much about her abusive relationship with her family. At the time of her death, her family was concerned about her becoming increasingly isolated.

About naming the project after her mother, Angela said, “I’m glad to know that more survivors in Oregon will now have access to emergency shelter when they need it. My family and I are so touched that Bradley Angle chose to honor my mom by naming this project in her honor.”

The Tami Best Emergency Shelter properties are set to open later this month and will house up to 15 people escaping domestic violence for 60 to 90 day stays. Approximately 100 people will be supported by this project per year.

“I’m proud of the work on this project because it will provide immediate help and relief to domestic violence survivors by giving them a safe place to stay,” said Multnomah County Chair, Deborah Kafoury. “These housing units are critical to the survival of women and children who are facing dangerous situations. This partnership between local government, Bradley Angle and REACH CDC is a model that we should all follow when it comes to providing safety, security and peace of mind for those affected by domestic violence,” Chair Kafoury continued.

Make a donation to Bradley Angle to help Angela raise money in her mother’s honor.

How to Access the Tami Best Emergency Shelter Program

If you are experiencing domestic violence and in need of emergency shelter, please contact Call to Safety (formerly the Portland Women’s Crisis Line) at 503.235.5333 to learn about all shelter options available in our community, including the Tami Best program. Shelter assignments will be made through a coordinated process that takes into account the needs of all survivors who receive services at any domestic violence organization in Multnomah County.

How Readers Can Help

Bradley Angle is seeking benefactors to replenish supplies when families move in and out of shelter. This will allow families leaving the Tami Best program to take basic necessities like, sheets, towels, and other essentials with them when they find long-term housing. Learn more about the Adopt-A-Home Program here.


Gov. Brown’s “Coming Out” as Domestic Violence Survivor Highlights Issue this October

View the full media release here: Gov. Brown’s “Coming Out” as Domestic Violence Survivor Highlights Issue this October

Governor Kate Brown declared for the first time publicly that she is a survivor of domestic violence; the same week Bradley Angle launched a national giving campaign in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Shortly after Gov. Brown disclosed she was a domestic violence survivor, Bud Pierce, her opponent in Oregon’s Gubernatorial race, stated, “A woman that has a great education and training and a great job is not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men, women or anyone.”

This falsehood is one of the many myths Bradley Angle and the Purple Purse Challenge is working tirelessly to debunk.

“Comments made in the race for Oregon Governor have reminded us about the importance of raising awareness about domestic violence and busting the myths that persist on this issue,” says Rebecca Alexander, Bradley Angle Development and Communications Director. “Domestic violence does not discriminate. It affects people of all education levels and people in every income strata,” Alexander continued.

Pierce’s comments came after a question about data from Count Her In, a recently released report that shows 50 percent of women and girls in Oregon said that they had been the victim of domestic violence or sexual violence.

Bradley Angle is the only Oregon nonprofit competing for $650,000 in grant funding as a part of The Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse Challenge, which kicked off on September 28. The challenge, an annual competition hosted on CrowdRise, is a public fundraising and awareness campaign that coincides with October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In order to count toward an organization’s total, donations must be received by October 25 at 2 on ET. Along with $115,000 in weekly bonus challenges, the organization in each division that raises the most money will receive a $100,000 grant; second place will receive $50,000; third place will win $25,000; fourth place earns $20,000; and fifth place will get $15,000.

To help Bradley Angle win The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge, head over to


Bradley Angle Receives Grant from Allstate Foundation for Economic Empowerment

Bradley Angle is pleased to announce that we have been selected to receive a $20,000 regional grant from the Allstate Foundation to support the Economic Empowerment program for survivors of domestic violence. Economic abuse affects most, if not all, survivors and our program provides resources, education, and guidance to rebuild their financial security.

The Allstate Foundation has been a long-time friend to Bradley Angle since we began the Economic Empowerment Program. We appreciate the friendship and support of the Allstate Foundation!

Our Participants Need You this Holiday Season!

Bradley Angle is seeking volunteers to serve on the planning committee for its 2nd Annual Holiday Store!

Last year’s store welcomed more than 100 survivors of domestic violence and was a huge success by all measures! We are excited to invite you to make this year even more amazing!

If you would like to bring smiles and warmth to your community this holiday season, look no further and apply to join the Holiday Wish Drive Committee today!

On behalf of all of us at Bradley Angle, thank you for your interest.

Cascade AIDS Project and Bradley Angle Receive $713,134 to Help HIV-Positive Domestic Violence Survivors

View the full media release here: New Project to House Domestic Violence Survivors Living with HIV

Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) and Bradley Angle are pleased to announce the receipt of grant funding in the amount of $713,134.  The grant will support the “Katie Project”, a program designed to help HIV-positive domestic violence survivors in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area connect with the housing and supportive services they need to live healthy and safe lives. The funds will be managed by the Portland Housing Bureau while CAP and Bradley Angle will administer the project’s day-to-day programming.

The Katie Project is named after an HIV-positive woman who came to Cascade AIDS Project seeking help finding housing for her and her son. (Her name and identifying information have been changed to protect her identity.) They were escaping Katie’s abusive husband and needed assistance with everything from tapping into financial resources to maintaining medical care to finding housing that would allow her son to continue attending the same school and would let them keep their dog—an important part of the family’s stability.

The way Katie handled these challenges is inspiring.  Five years later, she’s emotionally and physically healthy. She’s financially stable, and her son is thriving in high school. Katie is one of many individuals who benefit from a thoughtful, effective collaboration between housing, AIDS services, and domestic violence organizations.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with Bradley Angle and the City of Portland to offer these vital services,” said CAP Executive Director, Tyler TerMeer. “HIV-positive individuals experience domestic violence at higher rates than the general population. Collaborating with the City and Bradley Angle allows us to work with this population to get them into safe and stable housing situations.” Studies show that once in safe housing, people with HIV are better able to access comprehensive health care and supportive services, get on HIV treatment, and take their HIV medication consistently which results in better health outcomes for the individual and the community.

“The Katie Project is the kind of nonprofit effort that truly transforms lives for the long term,” stated Bradley Angle Executive Director, Jackie Yerby. “This intervention will respond to the complex challenges participants experience when surviving domestic violence and living with HIV.  Every survivor’s story is unique. So are their needs. And so too must be the support we offer.”

Grant funding was made available by the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program. The HOPWA Program is the only Federal program dedicated to the housing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. Under the HOPWA Program, HUD makes grants to local communities, States, and nonprofit organizations for projects that benefit low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families.