New Kinship Program & Re-Designed Space!

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We are so excited about our new Kinship Program! The program is designed to interrupt the cycle of intergenerational violence experienced by survivors from Portland’s Black and African American community.

Our goal is to offer culturally specific and trauma-informed services that promote healing for marginalized families who have survived domestic violence. The program is for youth ages 10-18 with parents receiving services through Bradley Angle’s Healing Roots program.

We conducted a community needs assessment, developed a performance evaluation plan, hired staff from the target community, and created a trauma-informed and culturally inclusive space for our Resource Center’s program activities in North Portland. Please see the design mockups above. These activities will include individual and group interventions, culturally specific mentoring support, mental health services, and families’ opportunities to learn and heal together.

Once again huge thank you to Sherwin-Williams for their generous paint donation & Neil Kelly Company for donating their time to help us redesign our entire downstairs.

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