Every year, Bradley Angle provides about 125 households with a gift package to celebrate the holiday season. We receive toys from citywide toy drives and gift cards from generous donors like you.

Our participants truly appreciate getting gift cards that allow them to purchase the items their family members truly want and need. It is an empowering feeling that fits with our philosophy of putting survivors at the center of our programs.

It also is safer as staff do not have to handle as many physical items, and better for the environment with fewer transportation and storage requirements. We thank you in advance for your support!



Purchase gift cards in $25 increments from your favorite retailer. Larger stores such as Target, Fred Meyer, Walmart, and toy stores provide the most flexibility. These can be dropped off (please call 503.232.1568 and let our office manager, Jovanna, know so that we don’t miss you), or mailed to:

Bradley Angle
5432 N Albina Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

The deadline for receiving gift cards is December 16th, 2023 to allow time for families to do their shopping.