We are so appreciative of all donations to Bradley Angle – they go a long way in supporting survivors!

Due to the recent effects of the COVID-19 virus in our community, Bradley Angle is prioritizing specific in-kind donations in order to effectively provide for survivors. At this time, we will only be accepting items listed below. To limit the number of staff that are working out of our Resource Center, we will also only be accepting donations on pre-scheduled dates and timeframes. Please complete the form on the right so that Bradley Angle staff can contact you to confirm your drop-off at our Resource Center (5432 N Albina Ave). 


  • Diapers/Pull-Ups/Baby Wipes
  • Tampons/Reusable Menstrual Products
  • Cleaning Supplies (Windex, Pine-Sol, Etc.)
  • OTC Medicine (Headache, Cold/Flu, Etc.)

*We can only accept new/unused items. 


Additional Resources:

Bradley Angle is unable to accept the items listed below, so we’ve provided a list of community partners who are available to accept donations!

In-Kind Donation Form

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