Bequests are gifts made as part of a will or trust and are one of the most popular ways to ensure that an organization receives continued support. A bequest can be to a person or a trust, or it can be a charitable bequest to a nonprofit organization — such as Bradley Angle. 

Estate planning is incredibly important because state law will direct assets to be distributed under a one-size-fits-all statutory formula if a plan is not made; potentially resulting in allocations that do not align with your wishes.

In order to name Bradley Angle among the beneficiaries in a will or living trust, simply state:

  • The nonprofit’s full legal name and location (for clarity, it helps to include the tax ID number, but this isn’t required)
    • Bradley Angle
    • 5432 N Albina Ave Portland, OR 97217
    • Tax ID #51-0188664
  • The nature of the gift (for example, cash or property)
  • If the donor wishes, restrictions on what the organization can do with the gift


We hope you’ll join us in supporting the longevity of Bradley Angle!

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