Our vision is a world where communities are free from domestic violence and oppression—where loving, compassionate, and equitable relationships exist for all people.

We embrace the following values in all that we do:

  • We believe that everyone has a right to live free from violence and abuse
  • We value the dignity and personal story of everyone who comes to us for support
  • We believe that survivors of domestic violence should be treated respectfully and have control over their own lives
  • Our services are inclusive and accessible to survivors of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences
  • Our services build on the strength and resilience of survivors
  • We work collaboratively whenever and wherever possible
  • We involve the community in our work because we know that domestic violence doesn’t just impact individuals and families; it affects every one of us
  • We acknowledge current and historical inequities and work towards ending oppression

We are constantly learning and evolving as we strive to end domestic violence.