Our Intake Line is currently operating at a limited capacity — please expect delays.

If this is an emergency, please call Call to Safety’s crisis line at 503.235.5333 or 1.888.235.5333. If you are in need of information or additional resources, please contact Call to Safety or The Gateway Center.

Intake phone number: 503.232.1528 x 307

Intake email: intake@bradleyangle.org.


To reach our front office, please call 503.232.1528 x 301 or email mikaylam@bradleyangle.org.

For Event & Marketing inquiries, please email lilyg@bradleyangle.org.

Bradley Angle Resource Center (BARC)

5432 N. Albina Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Phone: 503.232.1528
Fax: 503.232.6617


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