Bradley Angle‘s Youth and Family Support Services Program builds resilience and coping in children and teens, improves parent / child bonding, and strengthens parenting skills. Our services include:

Youth Supportive Services

Tailored support for children and teens aged 0-18 years provided by trained youth advocates. Our caring and compassionate advocates help create safety plans and coordinate youth support groups and extracurricular family activities. All activities are designed to promote resiliency and help children recover from the trauma of domestic violence.

Family Advocacy

Every parent faces unique challenges as they raise a family. Survivors of domestic violence often need extra support to meet the needs of their children after experiencing trauma. We offer family advocacy and group-based parenting support, all designed to help promote healthy child development and the use of positive parenting strategies to manage children’s behaviors.

Culturally Responsive Family Support

While domestic violence affects all social, economic, and racial groups, there are unique concerns for communities of color. Our Healing Roots Program offers culturally specific and responsive services to Black and African American families impacted by domestic violence.

Strategic Partnerships

Bradley Angle’s youth and family support services are strategically interconnected to larger systems that survivors interface with. We provide training to staff that work in these systems so they understand the dynamics of domestic violence and are able to provide crisis intervention and referrals as needed. Right now, Bradley Angle has staff co-located at Albina Head Start/Early Head Start and the Alberta Child Welfare office.

To learn more about our Youth and Family Support Services Program contact 503.595.9591 x302 or email