Bradley Angle understands that everyone’s journey—and needs along that journey—are unique and complex. We deeply value and are committed to honoring those diverse experiences which is why we offer a range of services for LQBTQ+ survivors. These include:

Individual Advocacy

One-on-one support for survivors currently leaving or who have experienced or are experiencing an abusive relationship. Advocates provide resource referrals, information about legal procedures, safe housing options and general support as survivors strive to gain stability.

Safety Planning

Individualized support to help survivors plan for their safety and security with regard to a past or presently abusive relationship.

Basic Needs Assistance

Access to the basics such as food, clothing, toiletries, furniture, and a phone.

LGBTQ+ Survivor Support Groups

A confidential space to share and learn from other survivors of intimate partner violence. The facilitated sessions explore a range of topics such as: the dynamics of power in relationships, long-term effects of abuse, and tools for self-empowerment. These support groups are free and open to anyone who self identifies as LGBTQ+ and is a survivor of intimate partner violence.

Healthy Relationship Skills Classes

A series of workshops that explore the skills needed to build healthy relationships. Topics include: boundaries, negotiation, handling conflict, accountability, and identifying and communication personal values. These free workshops are open to anyone who self-identifies as LGBTQ+. Couples, partners, and individuals are welcome.

For more information:

For direct advocacy and support contact our LGBTQ+ Program Advocate 503.595.9591 x305

Alternatively you can email