Bradley Angle’s Housing Assistance program is more than just about providing safe housing although it does begin with that. We utilize a Housing First model that is centered on survivors. We support survivors to grow, achieve self-identified goals, break intergenerational cycles of abuse, and enable them to build lives free of violence.

While domestic violence affects all social, economic, and racial groups, there are unique concerns for communities of color. Our housing advocates offer culturally specific and responsive services to Black and African American survivors. Our objective is for each survivor to become economically secure, safe, and able to provide for themselves and their families.

Assistance is based on funding availability, capacity and is subject to certain eligibility requirements. It may include helping survivors to:

  • Leave a dangerous place
  • Get emergency safe nights and shelter access
  • Retain safe housing with eviction prevention
  • Transition to long-term or permanent housing

Our advocates can help you connect you to our programs and services, and refer you to community resources that may be able to assist you.

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