Freedom Fighters

A post written by Jackie Yerby, Bradley Angle’s Executive Director

I wanted to share with you a great experience that I had this week. It involved first year students from Roosevelt High School who are participating in their school’s Freedom Fighter Project.  This project is a way to make writing come alive for students by having them interview organizations and individuals identified as “Freedom Fighters” in our community.

S. Renee Mitchell who is one of the founders of Bradley Angle’s Healing Roots program teaches at Roosevelt High School and runs the Freedom Fighter Project.

A group of students interviewed me about domestic violence, the work that we do at Bradley Angle and about how my education prepared me for my current role.  It was really inspiring and hopeful to spend the morning with such a thoughtful group of students.

It was so humbling for the work Bradley Angle does to be recognized in this special way. Our fellow 2017 Freedom Fighters are an impressive group of people including Rev. T. Allen Bethel of the Albina Ministerial Alliance and Marantha Church, Judith Mowry of the City of Portland’s Office of Human Rights, and  Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith. We were honored to be counted among them.

The students will be producing a publication of the interviews and there will also be a traveling exhibit that will start in February at the Oregon Historical Society.