Working with LGBTQ+ Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Wednesday, March 11 | 1:00 pm

Working with LGBTQ+ Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Using examples of historical and present state sanctioned violence, we explore the broader impact that exclusionary practices impact the way LGBTQ+ survivors may experience barriers with identifying violence and when seeking supportive resources in the community.This workshop aims to provide participants with a basic understanding of the nuanced ways intimate partner violence shows up and is exacerbated within LGBTQ+ relationships, as well as some tangible considerations to adopt when providing support to survivors.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact that white supremacy and state sanctioned violence has on survivors who hold LGBTQ+ identities.
  • Understand some of the barriers that LGBTQ+ survivors face when trying to access services in the community.
  • Understand some of the reasons why LGBTQ+ survivors may not feel able to identify with the mainstream narrative of “survivor” and may not feel able to disclose their experience with service providers.

For any questions or requests, please contact us at or (503) 294-7395.



Multicultural Service Center 

Lower level conference room

4610 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR 97215

Start Time:1:00 pm
End Time:4:00 pm