Announcing Cassie Salinas Bradley Angle Board Chair 

Bradley Angle is proud to introduce Cassie Salinas as Board Chair. Salinas joined the board almost five years ago looking to make a difference in her community. Salinas shares, “I am committed to bringing forward innovative ideas as well as my passion for the cause and I look forward to continue to work alongside so many dedicated and talented people who have come together to interrupt the cycle of domestic and sexual violence. I’ve heard powerful stories of survivors that speak to their resilience and how they’ve been able to go on to live healthy lives after receiving services from our organization. I want to continue to support Bradley Angle, an organization that strives to make a difference in so many different types of people’s lives.”

In Oregon, people are experiencing domestic violence at a higher rate than the national average and an even higher rate for women of color or those from the LGBTQ community. In this current political climate, Bradley Angle’s work is more important than ever, and with the incredible commitment from the board, the leadership team and Bradley Angle staff the organization will continue to find meaningful ways to serve all communities, especially those that have been historically marginalized.

Bradley Angle and Salinas wish to recognize all the past Board members, including previous Board Chair Shauna Petchel for her fearless leadership and support over the past eight years. Bradley Angle is eternally grateful for the tireless support and thoughtfulness from all volunteers who contribute to achieving the organization’s mission.