A Gift of Love

This post was written by Bradley Angle volunteers, Kaaren Pixton and Melody Aanderud.

kaaren & melodyDear Bradley Angle Community,

We are a part of a group of Mormon women and teenage girls who wanted to do something to make a difference for people in our broader community. There seems to have been some inspiration involved because when we approached Bradley Angle, you just happened to have a dream that included a mural for a healing garden.

We  worked together to develop the concept.

I, Kaaren Pixton, have had a long career working in schools and the community as an artist-in-residence.  This has included many mural installations.  I passionately believe in the power of community art and am currently focusing professionally on children’s book writing and illustration.

And I, Melody Aanderud, have painted murals for churches, schools and homes. Professionally, I have worked for several large corporations to design sales offices, cafes and stores around the world.  Recently I have focused on home and office remodel projects.  My passion lies in creating inspiring spaces and artwork to go in them.
design work
We decided on the theme of a meadow thinking it would be both peaceful and full of life.  We created the design that was outlined like a grown-up coloring book.  There was help from other artists as this was transferred onto wooden “tiles” carefully cut and numbered by Francis.

Seventy five women and girls showed up on the painting night.  We had to ask mothers and daughters to work together because there were only sixty eight tiles.  It was an amazing experience of giving and cooperation.  We feel a sense of wonder and gratitude at how it all worked out (considering we hadn’t done anything quite like this before.)

It is a gift of love.  We hope it brings some peace and joy to the survivors who will look upon it.

Kaaren & Melody