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Transitional Housing for Survivors of Domestic Violence

“I am so grateful to have you guys here and helping me with all this. All I want is to have my own business someday and I know this is a part of the process . . .  it’s just one of the steps I’ve got to take.” —Transitions Services participant

Bradley Angle

National research affirms that a lack of affordable housing is a main reason why victims do not leave an abusive partner or feel they have no choice but to return to a violent relationship, even if they initially flee.

In Oregon, 48 percent of domestic violence victims remain in an abusive relationship because they don’t have a safe, affordable place to live. Transitional housing is a crucial step towards ending homelessness, and our array of client-driven support service choices makes the real difference in the likelihood of a domestic violence survivor sustaining independent housing success.

Transitions Services

Transitions Services provides housing and support for 20 families at a time for up to two years. This program is designed to meet the needs of survivors who are not in immediate danger and are feeling stable enough to begin rebuilding their lives. Participants are able to start over in these programs—their own apartment, the chance to tackle longer-term goals, and the opportunity to re-establish roots and consistency for kids who have experienced a range of traumas.

For more information on Transitions Services call 503.595.9591 ex. 309

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At least I don’t have to check “Divorced”
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But they follow me with puzzled eyes
And keep waiting by the door.
I can’t seem to provide them a stable home.

At least I have my own career,
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