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Domestic Violence Services for African and African-American Survivors

Bradley Angle

What is the Healing Roots Program?

In the United States, women of color are one of the highest risk groups for domestic violence. The number one cause of death of African-American females age 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of an intimate or ex-partner.

The Healing Roots Program was developed to address the specific needs of African and African-American survivors of domestic violence. Since 2006, hundreds of survivors and their families have come to Healing Roots to:

  • heal from trauma
  • gain personal power & self-confidence
  • access local resources
  • find housing, employment & educational opportunities
  • create safer, healthier families

How Can the Healing Roots Program Help?

The Healing Roots Program offers confidential support groups for domestic violence survivors who are seeking to gain a better understanding of the impact of domestic violence on their own life, while sharing and learning from others who can relate to their experience in a safe environment.

Your Healing Roots Advocate can help you access all of Bradley Angle’s services, including Transitional Housing, Emergency Shelter,  Economic Empowerment classes, Support Groups, and our LGBTQ Program. Individualized support for children and teens of adult participants is also available through Bradley Angle’s Youth Program.  Staff has expertise in working with youth impacted by domestic violence and trauma, and can connect kids and families with needed resources.

Healing Roots is located at 5432 N Albina, Portland OR 97217. For information about current offerings or to speak with an advocate, call (503) 595-9591 x. 308.

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