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Our Emergency Shelter and 24-Hour Crisis Line

Bradley Angle

“Finally, after 12 years of torment, someone reached out and not only protected me, but gave me the time and the tools to heal. Prior to this, most people had shunned me into silence when I tried to talk about it. My strength and confidence grew and I realized that it was not my fault. I want to share my story in the hope it will help others.” —Bonnie Tinker House participant

In 1975, Bradley Angle opened the first domestic violence shelter on the West Coast. Today, our shelter and 24-hour crisis line continue to be safe havens for adults and children escaping domestic violence. Staff provide support to clients as they identify their needs, nurture personal strengths, build a support system and use community resources to overcome the challenges they face in living free of abuse.

Bradley Angle

The Bonnie Tinker House

Our emergency shelter, The Bonnie Tinker House, provides safety, shelter, food, clothing, educational support groups, case management, advocacy, access to other community services, a 24-hour crisis line and support for children of shelter residents.

  • Our shelter capacity is 23 residents at one time.
  • We serve approximately 200 individuals a year; 58 percent are adults and 42 percent are children ages birth to 17.
  • The average length of stay is four to six weeks.

Our goal, while participants are here, is to help survivors secure safe housing and begin to rebuild their lives in the face of adversity and trauma.

The Need for Safe Housing

The need for domestic violence emergency shelters in the Portland remains high. Nine out of ten survivors who call crisis lines are turned down because of no bed space.

  • In Oregon, 48 percent of domestic violence survivors remain in an abusive relationship because they don’t have a safe, affordable place to live.
  • Last year, 76 percent of the individuals we served were under a direct death threat from an abuser before coming to our shelter.
  • Twenty-six percent of adult shelter residents had visited a hospital emergency room for abuse injuries within the past year.
  • Seven percent had spent one or more nights in a hospital for abuse injuries.
  • Thirty percent had been temporarily or permanently disabled from injuries due to abuse.

Our shelter is a lifeline for the survivors who come through its doors: 76 percent of the households served last year left for a safe, verifiable housing situation.

If you are a victim of domestic or sexual violence and are in need of emergency services, please call our 24-hour Crisis Line: 503.281-2442.

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Story Spotlight

Story Spotlight

At least I don’t have to check “Divorced”
On a lifetime of official forms
But I remember the wedding ritual,
The party, the thank you notes.
The marriage failed within a year.

At least the cats can’t ask me
Why she doesn’t come home any more
But they follow me with puzzled eyes
And keep waiting by the door.
I can’t seem to provide them a stable home.

At least I have my own career,
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