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A First: Portland’s Economic Empowerment Program for DV Survivors

“Anna had been applying for jobs for months with no luck. On week five, she came to class with good news—she got a job! Her economic action plan was taking off. She revised her budget, printed her credit report and met with a financial planner to discuss how to work on improving her credit score. Little by little, she’s paying off her debt. She worked with one creditor on a settlement. Her income is steady, allowing her to work on finding housing.” —Making Cent$ facilitator

Economic Justice

Economic abuse impacts the lives of most, if not all, survivors of domestic violence. Controlling or withholding access to economic resources, stealing money, ruining credit, identity theft, sabotaging a partner’s job, and depriving someone from meeting basic needs are tactics used by individuals who choose to be abusive towards their partners or loved ones. This is where Bradley Angle’s Economic Empowerment Program comes in. Click here to learn more about our unique loan program for survivors, as well as our many other economic empowerment opportunities like financial education and matched savings accounts! Also make sure to check out our Tax Prep Resources for 2013.

For more information on our Economic Empowerment Program, call 503.595.9591 ex. 304


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Story Spotlight

Jamie called Bradley Angle in March of this year looking for a support group. She had been silently struggling with the shame and fear of living with an abusive partner, someone who in this case was also the father of her two school-aged children.

“I never know what’s going to set him off, or if this is going to be the time that he knocks me out and I never wake up,” she told the advocate on...  Read More »

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