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Speak Out: Workshops and Talks about Domestic and Sexual Violence

Bradley Angle

Bradley Angle is at its core, a social justice agency. We believe all types of oppression are connected, and that liberation from violence takes a concerted community effort toward a just society. For us, this starts with community outreach, education, and awareness raising.

Throughout the year, our team offers workshops and presentations about the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence to churches, community service groups, businesses and local government agencies. We welcome speaking and tabling engagements, and we’re excited to share our experiences and knowledge with you.

Common workshops include anti-oppression, racism, domestic violence, stalking, rape culture, sexual assault advocacy, dynamics of abusers, sexual and gender minority oppression, domestic violence and kids, legal options for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, safety planning, lethality, and working with systems. If we aren’t able to fill your training request, we’ll do our best to connect you with alternative trainers in our community.

For more information or to request a workshop, please contact our Community-Based Services team at (503) 595-9591 ext. 304.

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Story Spotlight

On October 12, 2004, I became intimately acquainted with Bradley Angle. I left my boyfriend of four years on the 10th with two kids, a stroller, a diaper bag, and the clothes we were wearing. My 17-year-old son had fled to a teen shelter three days before and decided to stay there for a while, so it was me and an 11-year-old and a 3-year-old. We had nowhere to go, and I had no idea what to do...  Read More »

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