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Bradley Angle Resource Center Groups and Classes

Current Offerings

We are excited to have a number of educational classes and support groups currently being offered at the Bradley Angle Resource Center. Most groups meet once a week; days and times vary. Please call us at 503-595-9591 for more information about what group might be right for you, and to find out the next group start date. All classes are free and include childcare. We can also offer transportation assistance if you need help getting to the Bradley Angle Resource Center.

Strength and Resiliency
A 10-week group for survivors of domestic violence
Facilitators: Carrie and DeWanna

Healing Roots
10 week group for African-American survivors
Facilitators: Robin and Michelle

Making Cent$
8-week financial education class
Facilitators: Cassie and Kaysey

6-week Healthy Relationships class
for LGBTQ-identifying participants
Facilitators: Meg and Matthew

Rent Well
6-week tenant education class
Facilitators: Robin, Missy, Michelle

Trauma Recovery and
Empowerment group + Parenting
**Kids group at the same time!

6-week Healing & Growth group
Support group for LGBTQ survivors

5-week Job Seekers Group
Facilitators: Kaysey and Cassie

Interested? Call us at 503-595-9591 for more information!

Donate Now 24-hour Crisis Line 503.281-2442
Story Spotlight

Brianna enrolled in Making Cent$ while working on completing her drug and alcohol treatment program through a local partner agency. She was hesitant about the class since she barely had enough money to meet her and her child’s basic needs each month, leaving her doubtful of her ability to budget and save. During the classroom activity, dreams for the future, Brianna shared with the class that in...  Read More »

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