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Birthdays, Weddings & Tributes for Charity

Let’s face it; many of us do not need another dish towel, sweater, or book for our birthdays. (Although, those are nice!) Giving to a nonprofit that is meaningful to you (the birthday person) is a great way for family and friends, near and far, to express their love for you. Here’s some information to turn your birthday into an opportunity for your family and friends to give to a cause that is close to your heart. It’s a mini-donation drive in honor of YOU!

Why Birthdays?

Well, it doesn’t have to be birthdays. It could be a wedding, a baby shower, or a tribute. Whatever the occasion, when you add it up, you start to see just how much of a difference your circle of family and friends can make. Not all donors need to be big donors. Even if your circle is made up of people of modest means, the power of numbers quickly creates a significant, meaningful gift that helps Bradley Angle

For example, if you send out cards to 25 of your closest family and friends and ask them to donate $10 in honor of your birthday that is $250! If they give $25 each, that is $625! If 10 of your people sign up for $10 monthly gifts for one year through monthly automatic transactions that is $1,200! It is amazing!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact the development staff to let them know you want do a BIRTHDAY DRIVE and the date of your birthday.
  2. About a month before your birthday, you will receive a kit which includes:
    • Twenty-five cards with envelopes to invite family and friends to give in honor of your birthday.
    • Twenty-five small slips explaining the project and describing the difference their gift can make.
    • Twenty-five return/remit envelopes with your birthday information included.
    • Twenty-five thank you notes for those making donations.
    • Stamps.
  3. About three weeks before your birthday, use the cards to write out notes to your family and friends, asking them to donate to Bradley Angle in honor of your birthday.
  4. Mail them with the small slips and remits included in your kit.
  5. About two weeks before your birthday (if your family and friends are Facebook people), the development staff will help you set up a “cause” on your Facebook page through which people can directly give in honor of your birthday.

Watch the donations roll in! Download the entire Birthday Giving Kit and contact the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)to set up your own, personalized campaign. You’ll feel fabulous knowing you made a difference for Bradley Angle and the people you care about will know about the good work you do!

Donate Now 24-hour Crisis Line 503.281-2442
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